Gombe: First Lady Puts Smiles On the Faces of Less Privileged By Beatrice Earland

Women by nature and disposition are the “neck” of the family and just as the neck supports the head with or without pressure, it is the woman who has the responsibility of bringing up children who in turn make up the society.

A wise woman will have wise children, a cultured mother will have children with good manners, to sum this all up, a home revolves around the wife, the sister, and the mother.

To describe her Excellency Hajiya Adama Ibrahim Dankwambo wife of the Executive Governor Gombe State and founder of Hajiya Adama Women Empowerment Programme, one would say she is a supportive wife, a wise mother, and a benevolent sister.

“Behind every successful man there is a woman” as the saying goes – Her husband, the Executive Governor of Gombe State, Alhaji Ibrahim Dankwambo is a successful man by all standards being an accomplished accountant and a onetime Accountant General of the Federation and a two term serving Governor of one of the most progressive States in Northern Nigeria in terms of infrastructural and Socio Economic development.


Women Empowerment

Her Excellency is indeed a pillar of support to her immediate family and the citizenry of the state.

Through her Women Empowerment scheme, she has demonstrated a high sense of duty, commitment and patriotism being driven by her sympathetic disposition, her cardinal focus is empowering the weak and vulnerable, thereby making them strong by a sustainable development regime, their skills become viable and venturable, they become emboldened by what they’ve acquired.

These trades which her initiative is aimed at impacting include: Women Empowerment, Health Care Services, Education for the less privileged proper engagement and involvement of women across the state in various skills acquisition schemes which commenced in 2012 and is being organized on a quarterly basis annually across the 11 Local Government Areas of the state.

Each quarterly training programme has an 8 week duration. While in training, a weekly transportation stipend of N1,000 is given to each participant.

At the end of the training scheme, the trainees’ performances are evaluated through conducting Examinations. Every successful trainee is given a lump sum of Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000) as startup capital in the trade the trainee chooses what to embark on.

And it is expected that about 10,000 less opportuned women would have been gainfully employed directly through her skills acquisition programmes.


Monitoring and Evaluation

As part of her strategic plan to “think thing through, then follow through.” The Hajiya Adama Women Empowerment programme established a monitoring and Evaluation team that regularly inspects destinations and business premises of the beneficiaries to observe and ascertain the level of progress made so far with the startup capital.

In addition, high quality working equipments and certificates are given to the trainees who are trained in hair dressing, fish farming, tailoring, soap making and knitting.

Based on their areas of specialization, HAWEP provides the working tools to the grandaunts of the proramme which include, hairdressing, dryer machine, washing basin and roller holder

Others include, fish farming, plastic fish pond, 50 fingerlings, Fish feed, tailoring, sewing machine and  electric iron; in the list are,  wrapper, packets of needle, thread scissors and soap making; Jelly and parafin oil, wax,  perfume oil, Soda ash Colour and pausing powder;

The package includes, Knitting training, knitting machine (Silver counter8), wool and packet of needles.